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AKG C520 Headset Microphone


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The C520 provides a transducer shock mount to reduce body noise to a minimum. Its cardioid polar pattern effectively rejects unwanted ambient noise. The microphone arm mounts on either the left or the right side of the headband.

The C520 professional head-worn condenser microphone with maximum dynamic range for perfect vocal sound. An ideal choice for frontmen, singing keyboardists, drummers, guitarists and dancing performers needing a hands-free microphone. The moisture shield prevents perspiration from penetrating into the transducer element, ensuring a high degree of humidity protection for the microphone.

AKG C520 Features:
    • Lightweight and adjustable headband construction

for maximum comfort and freedom of movement

    • Left and right flexible boom mounting

for precise positioning to the sound source

    • Condenser capsule on flexible shock mount

for efficient rejection of mechanical, ambient and body noise

    • Moisture shield

ensuring a dry microphone capsule

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