AKG K812 Reference Headphones


True story: My friend Steve spent his whole life using terrible headphones, and he was all like "Man, I don't need good headphones to enjoy music." After sharing a hearty chuckle over Steve's staggering ignorance, I broke out the K812's. We popped the headphones on Steve's weird ears (seriously, that guy has the weirdest looking ears), selected the greatest song in the world ("Sister Christian," obviously), and cranked it up. A single tear of joy rolled down Steve's cheek, and Steve vowed to never use crummy headphones again. I mean, he still likes Highlander 2 more than the first Highlander, so Steve is a dingus, but at least he understands the power of great headphones.
But just why is the AKG K812 so great? Let these very technical blurbs break it down for you:
The New Headphone Flagship

The K812 superior reference headphones offer the most pure and natural sound possible. Designed for music professionals the K812 empower to experience the smallest sonic details with the most accurate balance for mixing, mastering as well as music production.

Size Matters

The K812 transducer is the largest AKG has ever built. The 53 mm transducer was developed to push the boundaries, to get as close as possible to sonic perfection. During the development process, AKG developed the transducer from scratch in order to ensure the highest in-class headroom and dynamic range.

Strong - Stronger - K812

With the strongest magnet system available on the market, the K812 provides the most precise and powerful experience possible. The 1.5 Tesla magnet system offers highly accurate imaging leading to pure, natural sound.

Superior Impulse Response

The copper-covered aluminum voice coil extends sound beyond the limits of human auditory system, hitting a full spectrum of frequencies. With the ultra-lightweight two-layer voice coil a superior impulse response and an extended frequency range up to 54 kHz is guaranteed.

K812 Superior Reference Headphones Features:
  • All metal cardanic hinge for maximum robustness and optimum sealing of ear pads
  • 1.5 Tesla magnet system provides the most accurate and powerful experience possible
  • Air-flow dome for controlled membrane movement under conditions that would make other headphones collapse
  • Compound diaphragm for accurately managed modal behaviour