AKG P820 Tube Condenser Microphone


So, my friend Steve was telling me that when you want to really sell an item, you have to speak in a way that people can connect with. Apparently kids are all about rap these days, so I guess I should try rapping? I used to watch "Yo! MTV Raps," so I think I understand rap. Anyway:
"My names MC Description Writing Guy
And I'm here to say
You'll like the AKG P820 Tube Microphone every day.
With a mic in my hand
And my real cool band
I've come to say
If you don't like the AKG P820 mic
You can take a hike!"
Wow, I totally nailed that. But if you need some stuffy technical descriptions instead of hot rhymes, well, okay I guess. Just look below!

The P820 Tube high-performance multi-pattern tube microphone is an excellent tool for highlighting lead vocals, brass instruments, electric guitars and drums. With its dual one-inch diaphragm capsule and the advanced ECC83 dual-triode circuitry, the P820 Tube delivers real tube sound and raises the bar in its class of affordable tube microphones.

AKG P820 Tube High-Performance Dual-Capsule Tube Microphone Features:
  • Elegant remote control:
    allows choice of nine different polar patterns
  • Switchable bass-cut filter: eliminates rumble or footfall noise
  • Switchable attenuation pad: for high SPL applications up to 155 dB SPL

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