AKG WMS40 Mini2 Wireless Instrument Set



The WMS40 Mini2 wireless microphone system provides crystal clear sound and is a true plug'n'play solution. Up and running in a second, it is the optimum wireless solution for small stages, clubs, places of worship, hotels, and gyms. The system is available in different application optimized set packages, all of which includes a universal, switched mode power supply for worldwide operation.

The WMS40 Mini2 system stands out for its extremely long battery life of 30 hours with a single AA battery which helps saving money in the long run.

AKG WMS40 Mini2 Instrumental Set US45A/C Features:
  • Crystal clear sound best audio quality for powerful performances
  • "Up and running" in a second
    plug and play solution for easy setup
  • 30 hours of operation from a single AA size battery
    saves money in day-to-day use
  • Switched mode power supply
    universal connector kit for worldwide use