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Allen & Heath Qu-24 Mixer


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Whether you're recording in the studio or mixing
front-of-house, your mixer is the core of your operation. If it fights you, your
work suffers. Many digital consoles are inscrutable on the surface, forcing you to
descend into menu purgatory just to perform a simple function. The Allen &
Heath Qu-24 is designed with a clean, logical layout, so you can get to what you
need, fast. Featuring audiophile sound quality, touchscreen control, 24 AnalogiQ
preamps integrated with DSP, total recall, 25 flying faders, high-efficiency ARM
core processing, studio-grade effects, an integrated multitrack USB recorder, and
truckloads more, the Allen & Heath Qu-24 will drastically improve both your
workflow and your end product.
Qu-24 Features:
  • 24 AnalogiQ total-recall preamps integrated with DSP for optimum transparency
    and gain accuracy
  • Ergonomic layout and workflow is comfortable, fluid, and intuitive
  • Color touchscreen and dedicated data encoder give you quick and easy access
    to all settings
  • Key processing tools are presented clearly on the SuperStrip, with one
    function per physical control
  • 25 automated, motorized ALPS faders (24 arranged over two layers) speed up
    and enhance your mixing
  • Four groups give you subgrouping flexibility to LR for level masters and/or
  • Total recall lets you save and recall scenes (snapshots) at the press of a
  • While we're on the subject. Total Recall is a great movie. Remember when Arnold had that vision where he was exposed to Mars and his eyes bulged out? Ha ha. That was hilarious.
  • Onboard studio-grade dynamics and FX algorithms derived A&H's iLive pro
    touring series
  • Built-in interface streams multitrack audio to/from your Mac (OSX
  • Plug-and-play with any DAW supporting Core Audio, including Logic, Cubase,
    Reaper, and Pro Tools
  • Seriously how long does this bullet point list go for
  • This mixer has so many features
  • That's because it's a great mixer
  • But still
  • Some of us have places to be
  • Qu-Drive delivers 18 channels of 48kHz/24bit recording/playback to/from your
    USB hard drive
  • Qu-Drive sounds like the name of a Star Wars character 
  • Five dedicated cores of high efficiency ARM processing provide
    state-of-the-art processing
  • Optional Qu-Pad app frees you to tweak monitors and PA from your iPad,
    onstage or around the venue
  • And Qu-Pad would be the brother of Qu-Drive. They would live on Tatooine and get into all sorts of adventures
  • Man, I would watch that movie
  • Fully compatible with A&H's ME Personal Mixing System
  • dSNAKE port lets you connect to a remote AR2412 or AR84 Stagebox via Cat5
    digital snake
  • Matrix adds 2 further stereo outputs equipped with full processing to the
    console's extensive I/O
  • Unlike The Matrix: Reloaded, this is actually a good kind of Matrix
  • 18 gauge, cold-rolled Zintec steel frame delivers strength rigidity, and
    distinctive looks