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Blue Lantern Modules Quad Quantizer

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Lock in musical notes from an analog sequencer or lfo module

You use this module to lock in musical notes from an analog sequencer or lfo module. For example a sequencer can output a voltage of 0-5v. You would have to fine adjust the sequencer to find the musical note you want. It can be done but this module helps make it easier so you don’t have to fine adjust and spend time finding musical notes.

The quantizer itself offers the following scales:
  • 1. Major Scale
  • 2. Minor Scale
  • 3. Pentatonic Scale
  • 4. Dorian Scale
  • 5. Maj7(9)
  • 6. Minor7(9,11)
  • 7. WholeTone Scale
  • 8. Chromatic

Only one scale can be used at a time. The first 3 jacks work best with a 0-5v voltage source. These are perfect for patching the Blue Lantern Tadpole 16 Step Sequencer’s ‘Note out’ into one of these 0-5v jacks.

The last jack is designed for LFO use. It works best with a -5v/+5v source.

*Note: you can patch an lfo into the 0-5v jack input but it will only quantize the positive side of the signal.

Hold input jack will hold or ‘freeze’ the current quantized note. This works best using a gate signal.

The Gate out jack simple passes the gate signal back out. You will see LED activity only when you patch something into the Hold jack.