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Blue Lantern Modules Simple Saw Core VCO


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Saw Core VCO

The Blue Lantern Simple VCO is the perfect oscillator for those on a budget or low on space. All the necessities are present: FM, Pulse Width Modulation, and Sync. The Simple VCO doesn't stop there, though: it includes a unique Super Ramp wave output with voltage controllable variable shape. Plug an LFO or envelope into the LFO in to bring the Super Ramp to life. At 8 HP, it takes up very little space, but still includes attenuators (level knobs) for each control input, making it a true 8 HP oscillator. Many modules of this size lack attenuators, requiring additional utility modules and patch cable clutter.

Whether you're looking for blissful animated super saw timbres, or just need another VCO, the Simple VCO is a great fit at a low price.

Simple Saw Core VCO Features:
  • Saw, Pulse, and Super Ramp outputs
  • Hard Sync: Square wave input optimized
  • Pitch, Mod, FM, PWM, LFO control voltage inputs
  • Tune knob
  • Fine tune knob
  • Pulse Width knob
  • Pulse Width Modulation knob
  • Bi-polar FM input knob
  • DC Mod knob
  • Shape knob: Super Ramp only
  • LFO input knob: Super Ramp only, shape modulation level
    • 34 mA +12V
    • 31 mA -12V
    • 0 mA 5V
    • 38 mm Depth

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