CAD Audio U39 USB Microphone


CADusb products bring high quality audio to your social media, gaming or home studio projects. Creative control and limitless innovation await your beckon call as the result of CAD’s more than 80 years of professional audio expertise. Explore our CADusb series of products to unlock your creative edge and experience expression thru innovation.

The U39 establishes itself as a studio workhorse capable of true studio reproduction, outfitted with TrakMix™ headphone monitoring and a professional, robust, all metal, construction. Borrowing its look from the popular U37 – The U39 can deliver for those appreciating a professional microphone design paired with usb technology. Unlock your creative edge and experience expression thru innovation – supplied with stand and cable.

Applications: Studio Vocals, Speech, Instruments, Podcasts, Desktop Recording

CAD Audio U39 Recording Mic Features:

  • Studio quality with all metal construction
  • TrakMix™ chip delivers precision headphone monitoring
  • Supplied with stand and usb cable
  • Pattern : Unidirectional
  • Frequency Response Mic : 40 - 18kHz
  • Sampling and Bit Rate : 48kHz 16 bit
  • Headphone Frequency Response : 20 – 20kHz
  • Headphone Output : 300mW
  • Compatibility : Windows and Mac

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