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Keith McMillen Instruments K-Mix


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Keith McMillen K-Mix Features:
  • Audio Interface
    • USB Bus Powered
    • Ultra-Low Noise µPre Preamps
    • High-End AKM Converters
    • 32-bit Floating Point Signal Path
    • 8-in/10-out Audio

  • Programmable Mixer
    • Per Channel DSP
    • Flexible Routing
    • Standalone Quad 5.1, 7.1 and Octo Surround Mixer
    • Onboard Preset Storage
    • No Computer Required

  • Control Surface
    • Ultra-Sensitive Precision Rotaries and Faders
    • User Assignable MIDI Controls
    • Light Weight and Portable
    • Rugged Construction, No Moving Parts

Audio Interface

K-Mix is a pro-quality USB audio interface with transparent µPre preamps for quality recording in the studio or on the stage.

Programmable Mixer

K-Mix is a fully programmable mixer that features flexible routing, per-channel DSP, and can function without a computer.

Control Surface

K-Mix features an unbreakable precision opto-tactile control surface designed from the ground up to command any DAW.