Keith McMillen Instruments QuNexus



QuNexus is the most durable portable keyboard available, with smart fabric under each key to allow complete gestural control, and easy connectivity to and from every electronic instrument and software package in your studio. It’s a 13” keyboard that is affordable, durable, highly expressive, and a connective hub for any software and hardware in your studio.

For electronic music makers and creators, QuNexus is the bombproof portable keyboard that responds to human gestures. QuNexus fits in your backpack and unlocks your studio with its ability to connect easily to and from any hardware and software available. The result is unbounded creative expression in production and performance.


Keith McMillen QuNexus Features:
  • Road Proof - Durable by design. We’ve tested QuNexus to survive spills and being run over by a car.
  • Connected - USB. MIDI. CV. OSC; QuNexus connects to and from any gear in your studio.
  • Smart Fabric - 25 Keys with a Smart Fabric layer under each are able to detect finger pressure, tilt and velocity.