Korg microKEY 61 MkII Keyboard Controller


Natural Touch mini keyboard

Slim, lightweight, USB bus powered, and compatible with all computer-based music software, the microKEY is a great way to create your production setup. The microKEY features the velocity-sensitive Natural Touch mini-keyboard that was acclaimed on instruments such as the microKORG XL and the microARRANGER. The proportions of the black and white keys has been adjusted for optimal playability, easy chording, and rapid phrase work; careful attention has been paid to the touch and playing feel. The "waterfall-type" keyboard makes it easy to play glissandos. This keyboard will accurately convey the dynamics of your performance to your software.

Take Control!

Octave Shift buttons are provided on all models. Using the UP/DOWN buttons allow you to shift the octave the appropriate number of steps for each model so that, when used in conjunction with the Key Transpose function, the full range of notes in the MIDI specification can be covered. As for the array of controllers needed for boosting the expressive power of your performance, the 61-key models feature a pitch bend wheel and modulation wheel.

No Driver Installation Needed

The standard USB MIDI driver provided by Windows/Mac OS X is supported, so there's no need to install a driver. Simply use a USB cable to connect the microKEY to your computer, and it's ready for use.

iPad Compatible!

You can connect the microKEY to your iPad and use it to control apps (2) such as the Korg iMS-20 via MIDI (2). For the 61-key models, you just need to connect them via a USB hub that can supply power.

  • 1 Operation has been verified on iOS 5.0.1.
  • 2 The app must support Core MIDI.


USB Versatility

Your new microKEY serves double-duty as a USB hub. The two USB ports (Type A) allow you to expand your custom control center by adding on a Korg nanoPAD2 or nanoKONTROL2 – or any other USB device!


Using the KORG KONTROL Editor software (provided), you'll be able to customize the microKEY for your setup. You can choose from eight velocity curves plus fixed velocity (a total of nine types), and also specify the control change number of the modulation wheel or joystick, as well as specify their maximum and minimum values.

Play Today Software Bundle

The 61-key model comes complete with a license for the Korg Legacy Collection of legendary Korg synthesizers in software form. The microKEY ships with the following software licenses and discount coupons so you can start making music right away.

microKEY-61 Features:
  • Pitch bend wheel, Modulation wheel
  • 3~+3 Octave Shift
  • USB: Type A (x 2); Type B (x1) Connections
  • USB bus power
  • 850 (W) x 139 (D) x 54 (H) mm
  • 1.71 kg / 3.77 lbs.