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Mutable Instruments Peaks Envelope/LFO/Drum Generator


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Peaks provides 4 different functions in a small 8-HP package. Their common point? They are all about generating an audio or CV signal in response to a trigger, and are all focused on rhythmic works.

Peaks is a dual-channel module – making it very useful for duophonic patches or for controlling/synthesizing the kick/snare rhythmic backbone of a patch.

Classic ADSR

Peaks’ first function is a no-frills ADSR envelope with segment times going from 0.2ms to 8s. Carefully tuned envelope shapes (quartic attack, exponential decay and release) provide a smooth but nervous response.

LFO and tap LFO

Peaks’ can work as a free-running, resettable LFO, or as a tempo synchronized LFO.

5 waveforms are available, each of them with a shape/morphing parameter: wavefolded sine, variable slope triangle, PWM square, stepped triangle and sampled/interpolated noise.

A unique feature of Peaks is its ability to lock onto irregular sequence of taps: the module can detect the periodicity of the incoming trigger pattern, and adjust the duration of the LFO cycles accordingly.


Peaks can synthesize bass-drum, snare-drum and hi-hat sounds using a digital model of the TR-808 circuits. An alternate drum generation mode synthesizes more aggressive FM-style drum sounds.

Mutable Instruments Peaks Features:
  • Three Control Modes:
    • twin: Channel 1&2 share the same parameters but can be triggered independently.
    • split: Channel 1 is edited by knobs 1&2, channel 2 edited by knobs 3&4, with a simplified 2-parameter control scheme.
    • expert: Channel 1&2 are completely independent.
  • ADSR Enveloppe Generator
    • Segment durations ranging from 0.2ms to 8s
    • Quartic attack, exponential decay, exponential release.
    • Other fancy modes implemented in the code, waiting to be unlocked!
  • LFO / Tap LFO
    • 0.03 Hz to 160 Hz.
    • 5 basic waveforms: square, triangle, sine, stepped, random.
    • Waveform variations and morphing for each of these: PWM, slope, folding/harmonics, step size, interpolation.
    • Phase at reset control.
    • Tap LFO can lock onto irregular rhythms.
  • Drum Generator
    • Channel 1: 808 kick model with extra parameters (tune, punch).
    • Channel 2: 808 snare model with extra parameters (tune, decay).
    • Channel 2: A specific combination of settings transform the snare into a modelled 808 hi-hat.
  • Inputs, Controls and Outputs
    • 4 parameter edition pots.
    • Channel 1 & 2 trigger inputs.
    • Channel 1 & 2 trigger push-buttons.
    • Channel 1 & 2 CV/audio output.
PLEASE NOTE: This unit will not power on or operate without a eurorack power supply (SOLD SEPARATELY ). Please ensure that you have a adequate eurorack power supply in order to enjoy this module.