Outlaw Effects LOCK STOCK & BARREL 3-Mode Distortion Guitar Pedal


Converts your clean tone into the powerful, saturated grit that you'd hear from a vintage, high-wattage tube amp.

From classic crunch tones to tighter, more modern high-gain sounds.

Three distinct distortion modes:

  • LOCK (Organic): Natural distortion tone, like an overdriven vintage tube amp.
  • STOCK (Tight): More modern, high-gain distortion, with tight low end and beefy mids.
  • BARREL (Classic): Well-defined, vintage-sounding high-gain distortion.

 ADVISORY: Using Outlaw Effect's "Lock Stock & Barrel" is not guaranteed to turn you into an old timey cowboy that uses terms like "boy howdy" and "conflabbit," nor will it make you better when it comes time to "slap leather." But it will serve you as an awesome pedal!