Shure GLXD24 with SM58 Handheld Wireless System


The GLXD2 offers up to 16 hours of operation on its rechargable lithium-ion battery. The GLXD2/SM58's typical indoor range is up to 100 feet, with a maximum of 200 feet under ideal conditions; its outdoor range is up to 65 feet, 165 feet under ideal conditions. The transmitter automatically links to the GLXD4 or GLXD6 receivers for seamless operation. LinkFreq Automatic Frequency Management makes it simple Ð just turn on your receiver and transmitter, and they'll automatically pair up on the best available frequency. If you encounter unexpected interference, the system instantly switches to the next best open frequency, with no interruption. You can run up to 8 systems on a single stage in ideal conditions, up to 4 systems in most situations.

Loud and clear

The GLXD2/BETA58 features the SM58 microphone capsule, which has set the standard for vocal mics for decades. The SM58 is legendary for its voice-tailored frequency response, rugged construction, and tight cardioid pattern which rejects off-axis noise. The SM58 capsule also has a pneumatic shock mount system and a grille of hardened steel to reduce handling noise and protect the mechanism.

Shure GLXD24 with SM58 Microphone Features:
  • Digital wireless microphone and transmitter
  • Includes GLXD2 transmitter with SM58 microphone capsule
  • Operating range: 100' typical/200' max (indoor), 65' typical/165' max (outdoor)
  • Automatically links to receiver
  • operates up to 16 hours on rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • lockable transmitter controls

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