T-Rex Tonetrunk 70 Pedal Board With Road Case



T-Rex ToneTrunk Road Cases are designed for players who require maximum protection for their pedalboards. Rugged and sturdy, our Road Cases offer many of the benefits of a custom-made case at a more budget-friendly price. The design makes set-up/tear-down a breeze: just take off the lid, plug your cables in, and rock out! Or, if you prefer a lower board height, you can remove the ToneTrunk board (included) from the Road Case base and put it directly on the floor. The removable wooden panel in the base gives to you access to a convenient accessory storage compartment underneath - perfect for cables, strings, winders, tools, picks , etc. This makes the Road Case one big tool box containing everything you need on the gig.

BOARD AND BAG: 12 kg / 26,5 lb
BOARD: 2,4 kg /  5,3 lb - 700 x 316 mm / 27.56 x 12.44 in