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Zoom iQ5 Lightning Microphone


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    Versatility For Audio And Video

    The iQ5 employs a unique rotating mechanism that enables audio recording with correct left-right stereo orientation whether used vertically or horizontally. Use it in standard “audio” position or simply rotate it to the “video” position in order to record video with the attached iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch held horizontally.

    Mid-Side Stereo Made Easy

    The iQ5 contains two microphone elements: a directional “mid” mic that captures audio coming from in front and a bidirectional “side” mic that covers ambient signal. Stereo width can be customized to the precise recording situation: Set it to 90° to hone in on individual sound, or 120° for a wider image that includes the surrounding ambience and reverberation.

    Zoom iQ5 Features:
    • Set Stereo Width to 90° or 120°
    • Built-In Limiter to Avoid Input Overload
    • 16-bit/44.1kHz recording quality
    • For iOS Devices with Lightning Port
    • Rotates for Horizontal or Vertical Use
    • Adjust Raw M-S Data with Zoom iOS App
    • Fully Mono-Compatible

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