Steinberg Cubase Elements 7 Music Production Software

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Stellar mixing

The completely new MixConsole excels not only in terms of usability, look and feel, but also sounds better than anything before it! Featuring total scalability and quick in-place access to the parameters most relevant to the task, MixConsole adjusts seamlessly to notebook screens and large-scale displays dedicated to mixing. Specify which channels you want to use using Channel Zones. EQ, dynamics, sends and inserts can be shown in any combination and essential combinations can be stored as View Sets for instant recall at any given time! Other major improvements include customizable track icons and a new channel notepad to spot channels in the blink of an eye.

With its extremely flexible channel layout, 12 dB boost and dedicated processing power per channel and exceptional feel to the controls, MixConsole in Cubase Elements 7 provides uncompromising audio quality and routing flexibility from the outset, with plenty of pristine headroom and a fundamentally transparent sonic signature. It’s in the mix!

Workflows for professionals

Dedicated to our diehard users, Cubase Elements 7 brings extraordinary workflow improvements to the table, delivering a genuine benefit to professionals working regularly with the mixer. To avoid clutter from invading your mixer, MixConsole only displays the insert and send effect slots that are actually used in the project.

Complete drag-and-drop support ensures hassle-free transfer of channel settings, while the new A/B comparison and global bypass of effects let you appreciate additional tools and options during the mix. Also new on board is the handy plug-in search function to facilitate finding the right effect in your ever-growing list of plug-ins.

The Cubase Channel Strip...

The brand-new channel strip in Cubase Elements 7 offers that epic pro-console sound that lets you turn your songs into a hard-hitting, radio-ready production.

The four-band parametric StudioEQ offers exceptional sound with character as well as a built-in spectrum analyzer. The Standard compressor provides the necessary control over the dynamic structure.

...and Channel Central

The redesigned Channel Settings window gives you lightning quick access to all channel parameters, including input metering, routing assignments and the new channel strip with premier equalization and dynamics modules. There’s no need for scrolling — the display follows you automatically wherever you are and updates each time you adjust controls on a different channel.

VST Amp Rack — Insane tones for your guitar

Based on some of the finest guitar amplifiers ever crafted, VST Amp Rack comes with seven distinct amp models that exactly reproduce the unique character of their originals. Whether it is crystal clean, creamy crunch or singing sustain, VST Amp Rack always delivers the perfect tone for studio-grade guitar tracks ranging from vintage to modern.

18 legendary stomp boxes are available, including Wah Wah, Compressor, Tape Delay and Fuzz for even more options in generating legendary guitar sounds. This, in combination with six classic speaker cabinets, two microphones and a tuner make VST Amp Rack the ultimate set of tools for authentic guitar recording right out of the box.

Be it jazz, rock or metal, this comprehensive collection with signature presets crafted by world-class guitarists from bands the likes of Meshuggah, Emperor, and Accept is ready to infuse guitar recordings with drive, punch and clarity.

DJ-EQ — Filling the floors

This one goes out to all the dance floor addicts! DJ-EQ is your new filter of choice when it comes to recreating the DJ’s favorite performance effect. Bright as a disco ball and sharp as a laser, this three-band equalizer boasts three kill switches to create cutting breaks and unexpected twists! Simple to use, yet strong in impact, DJ-EQ brings the dance floor atmosphere right into your studio.

MorphFilter — Create your own blend

Filtering is an art of its own and we just cultivated it: the new MorphFilter effect brings the superior filter types of Steinberg’s HALion 4 sound creation system to Cubase. Equipped with a bunch of classic low, high and band-pass resonant filters, MorphFilter allows you to blend seamlessly between two different selectable filter types. Shape your tracks with great-sounding sweeps and dynamic glides.

Remote control this

Supporting many hardware remote controllers right out of the box, the all-new Remote Control Editor lets you visually customize the parameter layout of individual effects and instruments on your control surface. It’s as simple as it sounds — just select a hardware knob or button and chose which parameter to control and there you go! Various modes for rotaries and knobs plus the Learn mode make it even easier to assign parameters. Simply reassign the cutoff parameter of your favorite filter effect or synth to whatever rotary you want.

Remote Control Editor supports Mackie Control, Steinberg Houston, Yamaha DM2000 and more right out of the box.

Know your harmonies

The new global Chord Track allows for easy working with chords within your Project window and provides transform and harmonize functions throughout the application. With Chord Track, Cubase detects the harmony structure of your song and feeds back all chord and scale information to your MIDI tracks. All tracks engaged to follow will automatically reflect any harmonic adjustments made with the Chord Track! Advanced voicing options are used to transform existing parts in a harmonically correct and ear-pleasing way. Chords can be either entered manually with the mouse, by playing them on a MIDI keyboard, or generated automatically from existing MIDI parts.

Due to the tight integration, creating and printing lead sheets is just a matter of a few clicks… and a printer with enough paper in it. And while the Chord Track with its many automatic mechanisms truly delivers what it promises, we built a toolset in the Key Editor’s inspector to paint in chords directly as MIDI notes in the Key Editor.

Pure tuning for that extra punch

Thanks to the Hermode tuning technology, the intonation of your synthesized notes are changed dynamically on the fly for utmost compatibility with well-tempered scales, while retaining a high degree of purity for third and fifth intervals. Especially when combining non-fixed-intonation instruments, like brass and woodwind, and fixed-intonation instruments, such as guitars and piano, entire orchestral arrangements sound immediately clearer and more brilliant than before.

Eliminating the compromises and strengthening the advantages of well temperament, Hermode intonation results in a clean and pure tuning that can definitely add unimagined punch and clarity to all kinds of electronic music as well!

More fuel for HALion Sonic SE

You asked for it and we listened: Cubase Elements 7 includes 350 new instrument sounds from the Artist stocking up on detailed acoustic instruments and brilliant synthesizers. Make the difficult choice from the greater good of having a plethora of star-like instruments, and dial them in on your next track!

Additional Info

Additional Info

Manufacturer Steinberg
UPC 802240128403
Package Contents

(1) Steinberg Cubase Elements 7

Features Steinberg Cubase Elements 7 Features:
  • New MixConsole provides the ultimate mixing experience with 192 kHz support
  • Integrated EQ/Dynamics channel strip modules for epic pro-console sound
  • Global Chord Track to work with harmonies in a project context
  • Hermode tuning changes the intonation of your synthesized notes dynamically on the fly
  • VST Amp Rack guitar tone suite for studio-grade guitar tracks
  • FLAC lossless compression codec, ReWire for 64-bit environments and direct access to SoundCloud
  • ASIO-Guard provides intelligent dropout-prevention algorithms
  • Steinberg Hub provides video tutorials, support and product news
Steinberg Cubase Elements 7 Overview- PRESS PLAY
System Requirements
Steinberg Cubase Elements 7 System Requirements:
Mac OS X
Mac OS X Version 10.7/10.8
Intel dual core CPU
CoreAudio compatible audio hardware
8 GB of free HD space
Display resolution of 1280 x 800 recommended
DVD-ROM dual-layer drive
USB port for USB-eLicenser (not required for Cubase Elements)
Internet connection required for installation, activation, account setup and personal / product registration. 
To complete the Cubase installation, a download of approximately 500 MB might be required.
Windows 7/Windows 8
Intel or AMD dual core CPU
Windows compatible audio hardware
8 GB of free HD space
Display resolution of 1280 x 800 recommended
DVD-ROM dual-layer drive
USB port for USB-eLicenser (not required for Cubase Elements)
Internet connection required for installation, activation, account setup and personal / product registration. 
To complete the Cubase installation, a download of approximately 500 MB might be required.


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